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Zehaanat - The Poetry Band

Zehaanat (intelligence) is a poetry band founded by the Tripurari. It is based in Mumbai and is a collaboration of various artists. The band is known for its ‘poetry song’ where Urdu poetry meets New-age music. The term ‘poetry song’ is a fusion of two different musical genres ‘Art song’ (a 19th century classical art music tradition of Europe) and ‘Sung Poetry’ (a 20th century musical ballad of Poland/Baltic States). As we all know, Urdu is one of the sweetest languages across the globe and Urdu poetry has been an integral part of South Asian culture. From Khusro, Mir, Ghalib to Faiz, Faraz and Jaun Elia you can find the finest couplets to express your emotions. The serene new-age music gives peace of mind and leads you to a state of ecstasy and brings you closer to nature and New Age spirituality.


In 2020, when life stopped for a while Tripurari found a new way to shape up his creativity. He realized his childhood dream and formed Zehaanat – The Poetry Band. He shared his idea with his artist friends. And that was the beginning of creating some beautiful poetry songs. With the world opening up, it’s now time to bring this experience to live audiences. Because people love live performances and live performances open a window for the audience as well as the artists to let their hearts dance in the ocean of joy in unison. They are a portal for an exchange of divine energy. Zehaanat – The Poetry Band caters to a niche audience. It loves to perform in silent, colourful and meditative places so that poetry songs can take the audience ‘beyond’ where they can be themselves.

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