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Nominated for the Valley of Words Award, Aakhiri Ishq is a science-fiction romantic novel which talks about the complexities of human relationships and the psychological transformation in a person which happens after losing trust. Spreading within different generations and cities, the story examines the change within society and unfurls the various shades and dimensions of love. It also addresses the question of how toxic relationship negatively affects ones physical and mental health. Through this novel,  themes such as desires of adolescence, memories of broken self, virtual attachments, homosexuality, mirage of marriage, family values and father-son relationship have been explored. This book not only profounds the relation between literature and social issues but also starts a new discussion about the nature of relationship and it's impact on human mind.


Saans Ke Sikke is a collection of 101 Trivenis by Tripurari. These Trivenis have various well-illustrated thoughts. For example- colors of love, the importance of human relationships in present times, vitality of parent’s love in life, sense of hope in the moments of dejection, the desire to live amidst hardships, and so on. According to Tripurari, the art of realization that tears and happiness are two sides of a coin is the only key to remain contended while suffering. Triveni is a form of Urdu-Hindi poetry, which conveys a thought in three lines. The thought is complete in itself in first two lines like a couplet (sher) of Urdu ghazal and third line is an extension or a comment on that particular thought. So far, Meter (Behr) of Urdu Ghazal has been used for Triveni. This form was coined by famous poet and film lyricist Gulzar.

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Shortlisted for Sahitya Akademi Yuva Award, North campus is a compilation of 12 short-stories which talks about the problems of the millennial generation—which is going through the crisis of getting ahead—which eventually influences their sensitivities, sensibilities, lifestyles and routine. The book deals with the social concerns such as how can one find the essence of life even in disintegrating physical and emotional relationships, how does one relation has the ability to remove its skin and change into another, what is the nature of free and voluntary sexual relations between men and women, and what are the possibilities of love in homosexuality. The book is a celebration of adulthood with an undertone dilemma of our own existence. Famous composer and filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj writes, "These are the breathing stories which have lived. People who studied in North Campus  would be lost in the mist of past, with the desire in their heart to never come back..."


North campus is a compilation of 12 short stories which are based on a wide range of college experiences compassing from the first day of college to alumni meet, aftermath for livelihood and a revisit to campus. The main characters of these stories are college students who belong to small towns, and when they enter this world, they come across a lot of experiences which they have not explored yet. Homesickness, competing with peers, student politics, heterogeneity in the world of homosexuality, gigolo etc. In order to survive in one such scenario, everyone goes through an emotional turmoil and in spite of such experiences, each one of them restarts a new life. They meet new people, newer brains and situations which blows their mind away and they end up doing something which is considered sinful otherwise. North campus is a celebration of adulthood with an undertone dilemma of our own existence.

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Osak Bunn is the first poetry collection (Maithili) of Tripurari, published by Sahitya Akademi, Delhi. The poems included in the collection are the enriched views born in the poet's coarse mind's soil. There is scope for both imagination and experience in poems. Poet tried to study the experiences of adolescence, the struggle of rural-urban life, the political disaster, and the layers of relationship. In these poems, there is also the longing of the beloved's remembrance along with the craze of passion. There is also a desire to identify your existence. Some poems can sound like your soul's voice but, then some others will surprise you. The ability to feel the invisible colour and aroma through words sticking the dream's ring is the specialty of Tripurari’s poems.

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